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This walk-in shower replaced an original fiberglass shower and bathtub unit. Notice the custom floor to ceiling tile work that is accented with glass tiles and floating shelves.

This bathtub with custom tile work and floating shelves replaced a one piece fiberglass tub unit. This update creates a more high end and unique look to any bathroom. 

This bathroom originally had a basic fiberglass shower and the homeowner wanted a more open and custom look for the master bathroom.  This bathroom remodel showcases the custom tile work and river rock accent work that was done by DiFranco Construction.  In addition to the glass, tile and rock work, this beautiful shower also has a custom niche for bottles, a traditional shower head and a hand held shower head.  This gives the feel of a spa right in your own home!

This customer wanted to replace their original tub and shower with a walk-in shower.  Some clients prefer to have a walk-in shower completely open and some people prefer to create a steam shower by enclosing the walk-in shower with glass and adding a glass door as you can see in the above photos.  The photo on the right shows the floor to ceiling tile, the custom accent tile work around the shower as well as the intricate design on the niche shelf. This shower also includes a standard shower head and a hand-held shower head.  This was a beautiful transformation and adds enjoyment and value to your home. 

Bathrooms have traditionally had a small fiberglass shower set next to a space consuming bathtub that is not used very often.  DiFranco Construction has worked with numerous homeowners to create a more open and efficient use of space by removing the original shower and tub and replacing that space with a large, custom walk in shower. Below are a few examples of the custom shower design and tile work that DiFranco Construction can create for you. We will be happy to work within your budget and design ideas to customize your bathroom and create a relaxing spa retreat in your own home.

This was a fun project to see from start to finish. This is a corner walk-in shower complete with new lighting features, floor to ceiling tile work, accent tile on the floor and an eye-popping threshold, shower shelf and countertops.  This remodel brought this bathroom out of the 1980's and into 2017.

This is just a sample of the custom bathroom work DiFranco Construction can do to update and add beauty and value to your home.  Bring us your design ideas and we will work together within your budget to create a space you can truly enjoy for years to come.